The Concept

MarchMellow literally means “relaxed walking”, and in a figurative sense, MarchMellow is as sweet as its American model – the marshmellow.  Sweet idleness, yet at the same time, achieving a lot. During these hectic times, self-reflection and the contemplation of true values is absolutely essential. Downshifting, deceleration is a statement! That’s where MarchMellow begins: it is addressed to all those who would like to do something good for themselves and for the planet on which they live. Looking to the future with a sense of responsibility and respect for the beauty of nature.

It’s time for a green tee! Even the longest journey begins with the first step!

The animal motives are symbols of nature and are to be understood as a metaphor for the responsibility that we all bear with respect to our planet. The Lohas movement, which conforms to the ‘Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability’ has already attracted famous supporters in the USA. This desire for health and sustainability is in full harmony with the ideals of MarchMellow.

MarchMellow products are manufactured from ORGANIC COTTON. All materials right up to the colors conform to environmental and organic standards. In this way, the designers set an example for sustainable production, farming that is both humane and equitable to nature and fair trade, while saying “NO!” to pesticides, chemicals, slave wages, child labor and dumping prices. “NO!” to the exploitation of our planet!

The materials used are obtained exclusively from members of the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION. This guarantees fair working conditions.

Time for a Green Tee